Fiduciary Counseling


You’ve been named as a Trustee. But it isn’t always as glamorous as it sounds. You have taken on a big responsibility and you may not even know exactly what that entails. But you have been chosen for a reason, and now you need to make sure you act according to your loved one’s wishes, but also in compliance with the law. We act as a partner to trustees as they navigate the complex waters of Trust Administration. Whether it’s interpreting the document’s terms, dealing with a difficult beneficiary or filing tax returns, we walk with you as you shepherd your loved one’s finances to carry out their wishes.


We work with many corporate fiduciaries in the Philadelphia area and Main Line to protect their corporate interests and minimize exposure to liability. With a keen eye for practical advice that balances legal risks with good business practices, we understand that the fine print can’t determine every interaction with your clients. By keeping our fees low, we protect you while helping you to strengthen your relationships with your clients so that they see you not as an adversary, but as a trusted advisor who handles their money wisely. Whether it’s a question about virtual representation, preparing a non-judicial settlement agreement or filing a petition for adjudication in court, we can handle your fiduciary counseling needs from start to finish.