Business Succession Planning

You’ve worked long and hard to create your business. You’ve built it from the ground up, but what is your exit strategy? Who will take the reins when you leave? What about if you die? One of your greatest legacies is a clear plan that ensures your business will continue after you’re gone, while providing financial stability for those you love.

We represent families and closely held businesses to help them achieve their goals, not only for the business, but for their loved ones. Strategies like IPOs, ESOPs, buy-sell agreements, key man funding, mergers and employee incentives are some of the tools we can use to allow you the peace of mind that your family will not suffer financially if you die. Similarly, we protect you in the event that your partner dies, so that you are not left running a company with his or her heirs as your new partners.

Business succession planning is complex, and requires a trained and experienced practitioner. Tax consequences are among the many important factors which will need to be analyzed to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision about how your business and your family will be able to thrive when you are gone.